How to get Mpesa agent line for business in Kenya

How To Get Mpesa Line In Kenya, Register M-Pesa Aggregated Agent SIM Card


Have you thought about starting the Mpesa business? The first need you need to know is how to get the Mpesa line. Mpesa business is a profitable business to venture as people today have adopted mobile money transactions more than ever.

In addition, it is an easy business to operate and doesn’t require much investment.

It is advantageous to have a Mpesa shop that is already running a business such as a shop.

Whether you would like to start the Mpesa business as a side or main hustle at the end of the day will make profits.

In Kenya, Mpesa is the biggest mobile money transfer service. It implies Mpesa business will stand out in the market.

As Mpesa is spreading globally, it means the business idea has come at the right time.

Every other financial institution links its services with Mpesa, which means starting the Mpesa business is ideal.

Having said all this, the first step to venturing into the business is getting the Mpesa line.

In this guide, we have two ways you can use to get the Mpesa line.

As in any business, there are requirements, and so you have first to meet the required guidelines before giving the Mpesa line.

The whole process of getting a line is simple.

Note to get in touch with legit dealers if you get a line from Mpesa agents or dealers to avoid being conned.

Below are details of what you need to know and do if you want to get Mpesa lines.

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How To Get Mpesa Line From Safaricom

One of the ways to get the Mpesa line is to acquire it from Safaricom.

The Mpesa provided by Safaricom are well known as aggregated lines.

This line comes with unique features such as lines that come with float management to manage your line easily.

There is also an option to get money when you float from super agents, either exchanging excess e-float with cash or vice versa.

Getting the Mpesa line from Safaricom is the best option as you’ll be receiving commission directly from Safaricom, and no one is under your supervision except Safaricom.

However, to get this line, you must meet certain requirements.

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Requirements Before To Get Mpesa Line From Safaricom

Safaricom has set out certain requirements for everyone who wishes to acquire the Mpesa line from them to meet before applying.

For you to get Mpesa line from Safaricom, you need to get the basic requirements below:

  1. Have a registered limited company in business for at least six months.
  2. Have at least three outlets ready to offer MPESA services.
  3. Minimum Ksh. 100,000 Mpesa float per outlet.
  4. Business permits to operate each of the Mpesa outlets.
  5. VAT and tax certificates.
  6. National ID.
  7. Banking license from a reputable financial institution.
  8. Police clearance certificates.
  9. Fill in the M-Pesa agent application form.
  10. M-Pesa agent store application form.
  11. After you have filled the forms and submitted them, Safaricom will review them.

If you meet all the requirements, they will contact you and be given the Mpesa line to start the Mpesa Agent shop.

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How To Get Mpesa Line From Mpesa Agent

If you are looking to open the Mpesa shop, you can acquire the Mpesa line from Safaricom dealers or Mpesa Safaricom agents.

You will be operating as the Mpesa sub-dealer or sub-agent, and you will be under the agent or dealer who gave you the Mpesa number.

The following are the requirements to meet before issues with the Mpesa line by Safaricom Mpesa agent or dealer:

  • Branded Mpesa shop
  • Business permit
  • National ID
  • Mpesa float Minimum Ksh. 20000
  • Police clearance certificate

If you meet these requirements, the agent will immediately give the Mpesa number to start operating as the Mpesa sub-dealer.

How Do I Become A Mpesa Agent?

If you really want to become an Mpesa agent, you have to follow all the procedures laid down by Safaricom M-Pesa for all their dealers.

You must register your dealership at the Safaricom office with the appropriate document.

It would be best and appropriate if you also had the required capital to start your Mpesa shop.

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How Can I Get An Aggregated M-Pesa Line

Mpesa aggregated lines are the are this Agent numbers that come with float management services that allow you the agent to manage your till/line.

For example, with the aggregated line, you can get money from super agents like certified M-Pesa shops and banks.

Here are the simple and straightforward steps for you to follow to get an aggregated M-Pesa line or Sub Agent SIM card:

1. Go to the Safaricom office.

2. Produce a certificate of good conduct.

3. It would help if you had a minimum working capital in some cases.

4. Get your national ID card ready.

5. Make sure the location of your Mpesa sub-agent shop is favorable.

6. Follow the required steps and register for the aggregated Mpesa line.

That is how easy to get a sub-agent SIM card in Kenya.

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Mpesa Agent Line Blocked – Here Is What To Do

If your Safaricom M-Pesa agent SIM card has been blocked, then the best way to unblock your line is by visiting the nearest Safaricom office in Kenya.

When you get to the office, just explain to the customer service personnel that your Mpesa agent line was blocked, so you want to unblock the line.

The Safaricom agent at the office will then check why your agent line was blocked.

They will then help you to unblock the SIM card. You can start using the line for your business once it has been unblocked.

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How To Get M-Pesa Line For Sale On OLX

You can get a cheap Mpesa agent SIM card for sale on OLX. Still, as a legitimate business, it is advisable to register your line at the official Safaricom office in Kenya.

Truth be told, you may go through a lengthy bureaucracy at the Safaricom outlet as compared to buying a registered line on OLX.

It is, however, safer that way than buying the cheap Mpesa line for sale on OLX, and later you face challenges.

That is how to get the Mpesa line either from Safaricom or from an agent in Kenya.

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