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HELB Paybill Number, 2022, Official HELB Kenya Mpesa Paybill


Repaying HELB loan should not be hectic anymore. You don’t have to queue at the bank every month to make the payments. You can make the M-Pesa payments directly from your mobile phone using the HELB Mpesa Paybill number.

It’s imperative to pay the HELB loan according to section 15 of the Act. If you are a beneficiary, it gives you one year after completing your studies to start repaying the loan.

Like any other loan, it is ideal to repay the HELB loan to avoid accruing fines and interest. Help came up with this HELB Mpesa Paybill number to make the payments simple, faster, and convenient.

In this guide, there is every detail on how to use HELB Mpesa Paybill Number. It is a safe and convenient way to make help loan payments at the comfort of your home.

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What Is The HELB Paybill Number

The HELB paybill number for payment is 200800.

You can, therefore, use the paybill number for all your loan transactions.

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How To Pay Help Loan In Kenya

The Higher Education Loans Board HELB loan requires all employed beneficiaries to repay their loan before the 15th of every month.

If you are not employed, and your loan has already matured (one is over after completing your studies), you must make voluntary payments.

Besides paying a HELB loan via Mpesa, you can also make the payments through a banker’s cheque, cash deposit to collection, and EFT through most banks in Kenya.

However, making payments through HELB Mpesa Paybill Number is the simplest of all set-out modes of payments.

Mpesa stands out as the leading mobile money transfer service.

Using HELB Mpesa Paybill Number will save you time to visit the bank to make the payments.

Besides, it is an easy, fastest, and secure way of making payments from your mobile.

M-Pesa is easy with only a few clicks, and you pay your HELB loan anywhere anytime.

The main question is, do you know how to use HELB Mpesa Paybill Number?

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How To Pay HELB Loan Via Mpesa Paybill Number (200800)

The process of using the Mpesa Paybill Number is simple and quick. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open your mobile phone apps.
  2. Select Sim Toolkit.
  3. Select the M-Pesa menu.
  4. Click on Lipa Na Mpesa.
  5. Choose the Pay Bill option.
  6. Enter HELB Mpesa Paybill Number 200800 then click ok button.
  7. Now, you will be requested to enter ‘account number’ enter your National ID Number.
  8. Enter the amount you intend to pay.
  9. Enter your M-Pesa PIN number.
  10. Check the details you entered and ensure they are correct, then press on the send button.
  11. You will receive a message confirming the payments or check on your HELB portal to confirm the payments.

That is how to pay HELB loan using Mpesa paybill number.

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How Can I Check My HELB Loan Balance

Follow the steps below to check your HELB loan balance using the SMS code:

  • Dial the code *642# to check your balance.
  • Select the first option (1), and press send.
  • Next, enter your PIN.
  • Select the second option for Loan Repayment.
  • On the next screen, select option (2) to check your HELB loan balance.
  • After that, your loan balance will appear on the screen.

That is how easy it is to check your HELB loan balance via SMS code.

You can also check your HELB loan balance via bank if you have access to your account.

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What If You Default HELB Loan Repayment

If you default HELB loan, it may force the board to forward your details to CRB. This will affect your credit score, and you will not be able to access loans from any money-rendering organization.

Remember, you must present a HELB loan clearance certificate when seeking employment, and if your loan is categorized as default, it will not be issued with the certificate.

Use HELB Mpesa Paybill Number to make your HELB loan payments to avoid all the penalties and interest and secure your credit score.

The earlier you finish the payment, the sooner you will get a financial burden.

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