How to pay KUCCPS using Mpesa in Kenya

How To Pay KUCCPS Using Mpesa, 2022, KUCCPS Application & Revision Payment Guide


Have you completed your KCSE exam, and you have the results? The next step is to apply for University or College replacement through government sponsorship. All the applications or revisions are made online under the KUCCPS website, and you have to pay for the service. The good news is that you can now pay KUCCPS using Mpesa.

Yes, with your M-Pesa account, you can make your KUCCPS payment.

I will show you how to do that in this guide.

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What Is KUCCPS All About

KUCCPS are initials that stand for Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service. It is an online-based application or revision center where students who have completed their Secondary school education can apply for university or college replacement by the government.

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) application is carried out every year for all students who have resulted in the previous KCSE examinations.

Students who meet the minimum aggregate of C+ in most cases are required to apply for degree programs but can also choose a diploma course.

He or she is free to choose any university or college in Kenya he/she wishes to join but must meet at the university course Cluster point.

Students who scored C plain and D are advised by the government also to apply for diploma or certificate courses under government Sponsorship.

KUCCPS expects prospective applicants to check the dates when their portal is open for applications or revisions not to be locked out.

Remember, KUCCPS applications or revisions are not made manually.

You are required to pay for the services to access the portal and make an application or change.

Currently, KUUPS has made the payment convenient as it is done through your mobile phone via M-Pesa. You do not need to go to the bank to make the payments.

The payments differ if you’re doing an application or revision.

In this M-Pesa guide, we will take you through how to pay KUCCPS both application and revision fee.

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How Much Is The KUCCPS Application or Revision Fee Using Mpesa

The charges you are required to pay are categorized into two (2).

Here are the fees that you may pay for your KUCCPS application:

  • The first-time application fee is Ksh. 1, 500.
  • The revision fee is Ksh 1000 (students wishing to change their previous choices of courses or university placed).

Remember to note down the Mpesa transaction code after making the payments, either application or revision.

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How To Pay KUCCPS Course Application or Revision Fee Using Mpesa

Before you begin the payment process, ensure you have topped up your Mpesa account. Make sure you have checked program qualifications, and you meet them before starting the payment process.

Here the steps to follow to pay KUCCPS via Mpesa in Kenya:

1. Go to the KUCCPS application on your phone.

2. Select Sim Toolkit.

3. Select the “Pay Bill” option.

4. Enter the Mpesa KUCCPS Business number 820201.

5. Enter four (4) digits Exam Year followed by eleven (11) Digits Index Number as your account number.

6. Enter the amount of money needed for either application or revision.

7. Enter your M-Pesa PIN to pay your KUCCPS application fee.

8. Click the “Send” button.

After making the payments, you shall receive a confirmation text from both Mpesa and KUCCPS.

In case of KUCCPS message delays, you can go ahead with the application or revision process by keying in the Mpesa payment code you received.

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KUCCPS Error: Payment Not Found – What You Must Know

Sometimes you may enter the KUCCPS code, but the system indicates “error“. All you have to do is give the system some time to process the payment.

Note don’t delete the Mpesa message. It’s even better if you note down the Mpesa code or take a screenshot of the message and save it.

When you receive the KUCCPS message, there is no need to enter the Mpesa code rather than continue with the revision or application process.

To make this click, either Application or revision buttons to proceed with the process.

Ensure you check requirements to ascertain you are qualified to apply or select that program.

When you are applying for the first time, the system will request you to enter the Mpesa transaction code.

Make the payment and then enter the code to authorize the payment.

If you have completed the application or revision correctly, the choices you have selected will be displayed in a new page.

You need to counter-check to see if they are as per your selection.

In case there are errors, take time to correct them by applying a fresh for successful submission.

Remember, if you paid the placement fee while in secondary school, you are not shall not pay again when making your first and second revision.

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