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How To Get Your Mpesa Statement, 2022, Download & Check Mini Statement


Checking your M-Pesa statement is crucial as it assists you in monitoring your Mpesa account expenditure. The Mpesa statements also provide transparency for you to review your transaction details and account for the money.

Do you know how to check your Mpesa statement? Don’t worry, as this article helps you understand how to check and change your account statement.

More so, knowing how to download your M-Pesa statement online and save you the daunting task of always keeping receipts from transactions that you may have done through M-Pesa.

What Is M-Pesa Statement?

A Mpesa Statement is a report showing the transactions you have made via Mpesa within a certain period.

To get your Mpesa statement, here are the options available.

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How To Use The USSD Shortcode To Get Your Mpesa Statement

You can use the Mpesa USSD shortcode to get your statement on your phone in a very simple and easy way.
Safaricom has given out a shortcode to use and follow the prompts to get your Mpesa statement.

With the shortcode, you do not need to go online and download your Mpesa instant statement.

Here is how to use the shortcode to get your Mpesa statement:

  1. Dial *234#.
  2. Select “My M-Pesa Information” enter option 2 and press send.
  3. Choose “M-Pesa statement” enter option1 and press send.
  4. Choose “Full Statement” to enter your ID or passport number.
  5. Input your email address.

Please take note of this: Ensure you have entered the right and active email. You will receive it within a few minutes.

To access your email account go to the email by Safaricom has it contains your statement.

The email with the M-Pesa statement is password protected.

Hence, it will be prompted to enter the password to view the message, but all you have to do at this moment is to key in your identification number registered with your M-Pesa account.

It could be either of the following IDs:

  • National ID
  • Passport
  • Military ID
  • Diplomatic ID
  • Alien ID

Those are the various identity documents you can use for the Safaricom M-Pesa statement.

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How To Know Your Mpesa Statement Password

When Safaricom sends your statement to you, it is always protected with a password.

Safaricom uses the password to restrict unauthorized access.

This means if someone wants to view your account report, then that person should have your password in order to open the document.

The first time you request your statement, you may also find it difficult to open the document if you do not know your password.

Here is how to know your M-Pesa statement password: Enter your ID number or your passport number.

That is the password for your M-Pesa account report.

And it is as simple as that.

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How To Use Safaricom Self-Care To Access Your Statement

You can download your M-Pesa statement online by accessing Safaricom Self-care. All that is required is to head to, then register for Safaricom self-care.

Fill in all required details, and when done, you will get a verification SMS on your phone.

You can now check your Mpesa statement online.

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How To Use M-ledger To View Your Statement

You can as well as get your M-Pesa statement using the M-ledger Mpesa app.

It scans your existing M-Pesa text messages on your phone and afterward creates a database from them.

When your phone has more information about your Mpesa transactions, the more information M-Ledger will have to process.

For you to use this particular option, you have to install M-Ledger by downloading it from your Android PlayStore, thus use it to get access to your M-Pesa transaction statements.

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Visit The Nearest Customer Care Desk For Your Statement

You can also visit the nearest customer care desk and request him or her that you want to know your Mpesa statement.

Be specific if you wish to a full statement or mini statement limited to specific dates, weeks, or months.

You will be required to actually pay for the service at a fee of Ksh 50.

The service only takes less than 5 minutes.

How To Get Mpesa Mini Statement

How can I get Mpesa mini statement on my phone? This is one of the numerous messages I get on a daily basis.

You can get your Mpesa mini statement to shorten your results and focus on either a specific month or duration in time.

To obtain your M-Pesa mini Statement use the steps below:

  • Dial the Mpesa code *234#.
  • Go to My M-Pesa Information.
  • Choose M-Pesa Statement.
  • Select “Mini Statement.”

As you can see, you must indicate if you want the full statement or the M-Pesa Mini statement.

In case you select “Full Statement,” you will be registering for the full M-Pesa statements on Email.

Thus choose correctly what you want.

The mini statement will indicate the last five (5) statements for your Mpesa transactions

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How Do I Request For My Six (6) Month Mpesa Instant Statement

You can get your six (6) month statement using any of the methods outlined above. And the statement is not only limited to only the 6 months.

You can either use the USSD shortcode, email, M-Ledger method or even walk to the nearest M-Pesa office to request your Mpesa statement.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your M-Pesa Statement?

When you request your statement, it doesn’t take a long time for it to be available to you. In most cases, it actually takes less than 3 minutes to get your Mpesa statement.

Let me state here that how long it takes also depends on the method you will use to get your statement.

The duration varies slightly from using the email, USSD shortcode, M-Ledger method, or going to the Mpesa office.

No matter the means you use, it will not take you more than 30 minutes to view your instant statement.

How To Get Mpesa Statement Via Gmail (Email)

Most people would want their Safaricom Mpesa statements to be sent to their email especially Gmail account.

If you are one of those people, it would be best to ask the customer service to send your Mpesa statement online via your Gmail account.

This is one of the most secure means for most people since the email is more secured.

That is why most people are requesting their Safaricom Mpesa statement via Gmail.

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