How to activate Mpesa Till number

How To Activate Mpesa Till Number, Steps To Use Lipa Na M-Pesa Till for Business


After successfully registering for Mpesa Till number and acquiring it, the next thing is to activate it. Do you know how to activate Mpesa Till number?

Chances are you are searching how to activate yours, and in this guide will take you to step by step what to do.

It is imperative to note that each Mpesa Till number has its unique business number.

While applying for Mpesa Till number, you must receive the business number.

These are the numbers that customers will use to pay for goods or services you are offering.

It is also the numbers you will use to activate your Till number.

First, let’s get to know what a Till number.

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What Is M-Pesa Till Number?

Till number is a unique SIM card created BY Safaricom only meant to be receiving payments through Mpesa.

The Sim Card has distinctive numbers that are referred Till numbers.

The Simcard is also given a name according to the business you operate or your preference.

The customer uses these numbers to send payments from his or her Mpesa account through the buy goods and services option.

You will receive a message notification confirming the payments.

Note you cannot use this Sim Card to make calls or send messages, but you can use it to call Safaricom customer care if you need help.

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How To Activate Mpesa Till Number

There are two ways you can activate Till number after registration, and here they are:

Visit customer care desk

To activate your Mpesa Till number, you can visit the nearest customer care desk.

There are several Safaricom care desks around the country; definitely, there is one near you.

Here are the details you need to activate your Mpesa Till number:

  • Your M-Pesa Till and business number
  • National ID
  • The Safaricom phone number you used while registering for the Mpesa Till number

The customer care will do the activation for you within 10 minutes and then start receiving money.

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How To Activate Mpesa Till Number Yourself

The second option is that you can activate Till number yourself without visiting customer care. Here is a step by step guide on how to go about it.

After you applied for the Till number on the Self Onboarding portal: and nominated your number and received Till number through SMS, the activation process is simple.

Here what to do:

Log in to the Self Onboarding portal: and download the Lipa Na M-PESA sticker.

Next, activate the business Till.

Here is how to activate the Mpesa Till number:

  1. Dial *234# from the nominated number
  2. Choose option 2 – M-PESA Business Till
  3. Enter Mpesa Till number you received on SMS while registering
  4. Choose option 1 – Yes.
  5. Next, accept Terms and Conditions of using the Mpesa Till number.
  6. Click Submit
  7. After a few minutes, you will receive an SMS from M-PESA with your operator ID and Start key PIN.

The next thing you are prompted to do is change the PIN you were using in the nominated number.

Here is how to change the Pin:

How To Change The Mpesa PIN

Follow the steps below to change your PIN:

  • Dial *234# from the nominated number.
  • Choose option 2.
  • Enter your Store number.
  • Choose option 5.
  • Next, choose option 1.
  • Enter operator ID, the one you received after activation you can check the message you received from M-Pesa.
  • Enter the old PIN. Here the old Pin is the start key you receive through SMS from M-Pesa.
  • Enter New PIN.
  • Confirm the new PIN.
  • Click Submit or Ok.

Within a few minutes, a text will be sent from Mpesa confirming the PIN has been changed and your Mpesa Till number successfully activated.

That is how to activate your Mpesa till number in Kenya.

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