eCitizen Paybill Number

How To Pay eCitizen Via Paybill Number, 2022, eCitizen Mpesa Paybill Payment Guide


Are you struggling to find the eCitizen paybill number for payment via eCitizen M-Pesa? Relax and keep reading this article. In today’s Mpesa guide, we will help you find the eCitizen pay bill number to make the payment on your phone.

If you have registered for the eCitizen Mpesa account, then you will definitely make transactions, including paying for eCitizen using the business number.

That is the main reason for this guide.

What Is The eCitizen Paybill Number?

If you want to make a payment, then the official eCitizen paybill number is 206206.

It is also called the eCitizen business number.

Meaning that you can enter the eCitizen business number 206206 for all transactions.

It is the same as the paybill number.

How To Get eCitizen M-Pesa Business Number For Payment

There is not much you need to do. You can use the business number 206206 when you are making payment for your eCitizen account.

You can always get the number on the eCitizen website or most of the online portals.

How to Pay eCitizen Via Mpesa Paybill Number

If you want to pay eCitizen via paybill number, follow the basic steps below:

1. On your phone, open your Mpesa menu.

2. Tap on “Lipa Na Mpesa”.

3. After that, select Paybill.

4. Enter 206206 as the eCitizen paybill number.

5. Follow the rest of the options on the M-Pesa menu.

6. Enter your eCitizen Mpesa PIN and confirm the eCitizen payment.

When everything is done, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that your eCitizen payment is successful.

How To Activate Pay Bill Number

If you want to activate the business number for any transaction, you need to open your Mpesa menu and enter the paybill number 206206 in the business number section.

Requirements for Business Number

If you are just making payment for eCitizen, then you do not need to have anything except the business number.

However, if you are managing a business and you want to get a paybill number for your business, then you need to visit the nearest eCitizen office in your area to register for one.

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