How to retrieve Mpesa transaction code

How To Retrieve Mpesa Transaction Code, 2022, Simple Guide To Get The PIN


Are you wondering how to retrieve Mpesa transaction code?

If that is the case, then continue reading this guide to the last paragraph.

Have you searched in your message Mpesa transaction trying to get a Mpesa transaction and can find it? Well, our mobile phones can’t store all messages, and with time it replaces older messages with new ones.

Sometimes you can forget and delete the messages, thus losing the codes important when the need arises.

Safaricom records every Mpesa transaction you make; hence you can retrieve it whenever you want. Safaricom ideal ways to get transaction codes from Mpesa within minutes.

There is no need to go through a lengthy process of visiting a Safaricom retail store to access your M-PESA transaction code; you can now conveniently self-register for the service comfort of your home.

Safaricom has made it possible for its customers by quickly and efficiently accessing the M-PESA statement online.

This article will concentrate on presenting you with information on what you need to know about getting back all your Mpesa transaction codes without hassle.

How To Get Mpesa Transaction Code Through M-Ledger

One of the ways to retrieve Mpesa transactions is through M-ledger.

Yes, you can retrieve your Mpesa transaction code via M-Ledger.

It is an Mpesa app that scans your current Mpesa messages on your phone then builds a database from them afterward.

The information stored in the database depends on your Mpesa transaction as the more information it means, the more information is in your database.

Apparently, this choice only relates to those who have the application installed. Safaricom took down the application and integrated it with the My Safaricom app.

You can download my Safaricom app from the App store or free play store to enjoy the service.

M-ledger tracks all your Mpesa transactions through scanning them then converting them into a financial journal.

Mpesa ledger allows you to view up to 6 months of your transactions at a go, whether you had deleted them or not.

M-ledger monitors all your Mpesa transactions by scanning them and then compiling like a financial journal. It helps you access all your purchases up to 6 months at a go; it doesn’t matter if you have deleted anything.

You can convert the journal into excel or word. You can save the transaction in the cloud, where you will never lose them if you like.

Even if you get to lose your phone, your transactions will be backed up in the cloud, thus easily retrieving them.

Thus, you can still get your Mpesa transaction code.

How To Get Mpesa Code Through Mpesa Statement

You can get the Mpesa transaction code for all your transfers through the statement account.

Another option to retrieve Mpesa is by requesting for a Mpesa statement. Mpesa Statement is a report detailing your Mpesa transaction over a specified period.

There are two categories of statements you can request from Safaricom, either Mini or full statement.

How To Get Mpesa Mini Statement

The mini statement is a statement detailing not more than five of your Mpesa transactions. When you request the mini statement, it is sent directly to your phone in the form of a message.

To request your Mpesa mini Statement follow these steps;

  • Dial *234#
  • Select “My Mpesa Information”.
  • Chose option 2
  • Select “Mpesa statement”.
  • Chose option 1
  • Select “Mini Statement”.

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What Is The Code To Get Full Mpesa Statement

The full Mpesa statement is a more detailed statement showing all your Mpesa transactions for the last six months. You need to have an active email because the statement will be sent there.

To get the statement using the *234# code, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *234#.
  2. Select “My Mpesa Information”.
  3. Select option 2.
  4. Select “Mpesa statement”.
  5. Chose option 1.
  6. Select “Full Statement”.
  7. Enter your ID or passport number.
  8. Input your email address.
  9. Confirm the email address.

You will, therefore, be prompted to choose the period you would wish to receive the statement.

A message will be sent after a successful registration.

You will receive the Mpesa statement in less than a few minutes.

Open your email to view the statement, and because it is protected will be prompted to enter the ID registered to the number.

KUCCPS Mpesa Transaction Code

Are you aware that the KUCCPS transaction code is the one you receive anytime you receive payment via M-Pesa?

You must enter the KUCCPS transaction code in the application form.

And one thing you need to know is that you should not delete the message you receive from M-Pesa since you will need it later.

Most people delete the message, and later they want to struggle to find the KUCCPS M-Pesa transaction code.

That is how to retrieve Mpesa transaction code.

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