How to pay NHIF via Mpesa in Kenya

How To Pay NHIF Via Mpesa In Kenya, 2022, Pay Your National Health Insurance Fund


Are you wondering how to pay NHIF via Mpesa?

Then worry no more. With your Mpesa account, you can pay your National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) very easily.

The National Health Insurance Fund requires every member to make their monthly payment on time.

Failure to do so will make your card invalid, such that it will not cover your medical bills.

However, today you can make your payment at your home comfortably. And that is how to pay NHIF via Mpesa in Kenya.


Safaricom, through cooperation with NHIF, came up with a Paybill number to make your monthly contribution easy.

NHIF is one of the state cooperation, which is integrating technology to make its services digital.

If you are voluntary and self-employed NHIF contributors, you don’t need to visit banks to make your NHIF payment.

The best and fastest way is to pay NHIF via Mpesa

Mpesa is there to help you make the payment in a short time as well as in much better than going to queue at the bank only to make NHIF payment.

NHIF covers your medical services such as maternal care, inpatient and outpatient services, reproductive health services, cancer treatment, renal dialysis, and radiology imaging.

Mpesa in Kenya has turned out to be the best mobile money payment service. It has revolutionized how various payments in the Kenyan financial industry.

More so, various both public and private sectors have adopted the Mpesa payment option like the NHIF.

Hence Mpesa stands out as the best option to choose when making your NHIF monthly contributions.

So why not pay your NHIF using Mpesa.

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What Is The NHIF Paybill Number?

NHIF, as issues Mpesa Paybill number 200222 to be used by its members to make their contributors. When using this, the Paybill number takes the normal approach as used by other organizations.

The benefit of using this Paybill is that you can make your payment whenever you are at any time.

So you can pay NHIF via M-Pesa using the paybill number 200222.

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How To Pay NHIF Contributions Using Mpesa

Before you think of using Mpesa to make you ensure you, Mpesa has enough money.

Here are the steps to follow and make your NHIF payment through Mpesa:

  1. Go to your mobile phone Sim Toolkit.
  2. Select Mpesa option.
  3. Go to the Lipa na M-Pesa option.
  4. On the list, select the Pay Bill option.
  5. Select the Enter Business Number.
  6. Type the 200222 NHIF Paybill number and click next.
  7. Enter the Account Number of your National ID and click ok or Next.
  8. Type the M-Pesa PIN and press ok or next.
  9. Confirm and continue if the details are correct.

That is exactly how to pay NHIF via Mpesa in Kenya.

You will receive the confirmation of your payments from the NHIF and M-Pesa.

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What Are The Mpesa Charges When Paying NHIF?

Mpesa does charge you for using the service. However, the charges vary according to the amount you are paying.

Here is the breakdown on the amount charged when you use Mpesa to pay NHIF:

Here Are The Charges For Your NHIF Contributions Through Mpesa

Minimum Amount (Kshs)Maximum Amount (Kshs)Charge

As you have seen from the table above, there is a wide range of charges you may incur when you make a transaction with your M-Pesa account.

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NHIF is essential, and it is advised to make your payment if you’re self-employed every month and on time to keep your NHIF card valid.
Remember, the option to pay NHIF is only available to the self-employed contributors.

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Now that you know how to make your NHIF payment using Mpesa, what are you waiting for at this moment?

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