How to contact Fuliza Mpesa customer care in Kenya

How To Contact Fuliza Mpesa Customer Care, 2022, Fastest Way To Get Help


Are you a Safaricom subscriber and you want to know how to contact Fuliza Mpesa customer care?

Safaricom introduced Fuliza overdraft to help all Mpesa users complete their transactions. Since then, there have been several questions about the product.

Worry not if you have questions about Fuliza because, in this guide, you will get to know how to contact Fuliza Mpesa customer care.

Fuliza, like any other loan services offered by Safaricom such as Mshwari or KCB Mpesa, may raise some questions such as why you don’t qualify for the overdraft, among others.

The best way to get answers is by contacting Fuliza Mpesa customer care.

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What is Fuliza?

Fuliza is an overdraft facility offered to Mpesa customers to complete their transactions.

The overdraft helps complete sending money, paying for goods and services even when you don’t have sufficient money on your Mpesa account.

The term Fuliza is a Swahili word derived from the “Mfulilizo” term.

The Fuliza Mpesa is like an overdraft offered by banks. The product came about after the Safaricom partnership with CBA bank.

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What You Need To Know Before Contacting M-Pesa Fuliza Customer Service

Many people regard Fuliza as a loan, but that is not the case because, according to Safaricom, Fuliza is a continuous overdraft service.

Unlike Mshwari loan, which you can withdraw, Fuliza is only used to pay for goods or services or send money when you don’t have enough money in your Mpesa.

Fuliza will serve the difference to complete the transaction.

If you would like to access the Fuliza overdraft facility, you have to register by dialing *234#. Safaricom will determine your limit and send a message informing you how much.

You can then use the overdraft as many times as possible but within your limit.

Safaricom does review the limit after three months, which probably may increase your limit.

It’s required you continue using Mpesa and other Safaricom services regularly to grow the limit.

The Fuliza overdraft is deducted once you deposit money into your Mpesa account, along with interest.

To grow your limit is also required; you pay the overdraft within 30 days.

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How To Contact Fuliza Mpesa Customer Care In Kenya

If you have any doubts, queries, questions, or suggestions about Fuliza, the following are the possible ways to contact Fuliza Mpesa customer care.

Visiting a Safaricom Shop or Customer Care Desk

Safaricom has set out a Safaricom customer care desk all over the country.

If you have any issues with the Fuliza product, you can visit the nearest Safaricom shop or customer care desk for assistance.

Ensure you carry your ID and have the Safaricom line with you. The customer care will shed light on all the issues you have for free.

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Calling The Safaricom Fuliza Mpesa Customer Care Number

The second option is to call customer care for assistance. The Safaricom call center is available 24 hours, and you will get to speak with customer care for help.

You can call the Fuliza customer care number for assistance.

For prepaid dial 100, while the postpaid dial 200. Be keen and follow the prompts to get the assistance.

How To Contact Fuliza Mpesa Customer Care Through Social Media

You can as well reach out to Fuliza Mpesa customer care through social media channels.

Twitter can follow @SafaricomCare, where you can send a message to the customer care.

Remember to include your Phone number, ID, and name.

Facebook can inbox customer care through the Safaricom page and send a message detailing your inquiry or question.

To get more information about Fuliza, visit the Safaricom website or the CBA bank website

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