How Much Does It Cost To Withdraw 50000 From Mpesa

How Much Does It Cost To Withdraw 50000 From Mpesa Account In Kenya 2022


Are you thinking of going to the M-Pesa Agent to withdraw 50000 Kshs from your account? Do you know how much it will cost you to withdraw 50000 Kenya shillings from your Safaricom Mpesa account?

Most people think there are no charges for withdrawing money from their Mpesa account.

Even for those who are aware that there are Mpesa withdrawal charges, they do not know how much it will cost them for specific transactions like withdrawing 50000 from the Mpesa account at the Agent outlet.

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How Much It Cost To Withdraw Kshs 50000 From Mpesa

According to the latest Safaricom M-Pesa rates, the fee for withdrawing 50000 Kenyan Shillings form your account at the agent outlet is 270 Kshs.

In fact, the Mpesa withdrawal charges for any amount above 50,000 Kshs is 300 shillings.

It is interesting to note that if you withdraw 50001 Kshs from your Mpesa account, then you will be charged a withdrawal fee of 300 Kenyan shillings.

That is how much it cost to withdraw 50000 from Mpesa account in Kenya.

If you are not sure about the new Mpesa tariffs, then I implore you to go to the Safaricom website and have a look at the new Mpesa charges for 2020.

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How Do I Withdraw Money From My Mpesa Account

If you are a registered Mpesa user, then follow these steps to withdraw money from your account:

  1. Visit the nearest M-Pesa Agent.
  2. Make sure you have enough money to withdraw from your Mpesa account.
  3. Give your phone number to the Mpesa Agent.
  4. Provide your national ID.
  5. Go to Mpesa Menu on your phone.
  6. Select “Withdraw Cash“.
  7. Enter the Agent Number.
  8. Next, Enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw.
  9. Enter your M-Pesa PIN.
  10. Confirm your details by pressing OK.

The money will be withdrawn from your M-Pesa account.

That is all about how much it cost to withdraw 50000 from Mpesa account in Kenya.

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