How to roll over KCB Mpesa loan and repay the top-up

How To Roll Over KCB Mpesa Loan, 2022, Ultimate Guide To Top-Up KCB M-Pesa Loan


In today’s Mpesa guide, we will show you how to roll over your KCB Mpesa loan and extend your loan repayment period to about 60 days.

Was your KCB Mpesa loan declined due to late payment?

Hmmmmm. It happens to many other Kenyans too. You are not alone in this dilemma.

We will show you how to go about it later in this guide.

If you are a KCB Mpesa customer, you can top-up your loan and rollover your loan repayment period for up to sixty (60) days.

You can top-up your KCB Mpesa loan by borrowing extra money within the stipulated credit limit.

Also, You can do this without repaying your initial debt.

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What You Need To Know Before You Top-Up Your Mpesa Loan

If you have a loan limit of Ksh 1000 and you have already applied for a Mpesa loan of say Ksh. 400, then you can rollover your KCB Mpesa loan and get additional money.

And with that, you can only rollover your KCB Mpesa loan up to Ksh 6000.

Yes, it is possible to roll over your M-Pesa loan, and it is as simple as we have explained now.

You do not need to repay your outstanding debt.

The new KCB Mpesa loan platform has made applying for a loan very effortless.

Those of you who are also facing so many financial challenges can you this opportunity to roll over your KCB loan and repay it within 60 days.

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What happens if you don’t pay your KCB Mpesa loan on time?

One of the questions that keep coming is what will happen if you do not pay the KCB M-Pesa loan within the stated period.

That is one of the questions that many people keep asking here on MpesaGuide.

Here is the whole truth.

KCB and Safaricom Mpesa are making it easy for most Kenyans to apply for a loan to boost their businesses.

They are also aware of the financial challenges many Kenyans are going through.

That is the more reason why they introduced the Loan rollover feature and extend the repayment period to over sixty days.

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What If You Rollover Your KCB Loan And Could Not Repay Within 60 Dyas?

The terms of the KCB loan are now flexible.

However, if for anything you are still not able to repay your rolled-over KCB M-Pesa loan within the 60 days, you will be charged a 10% repayment fee.

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Steps To Roll-Over Your KCB Mpesa Loan To 60 Days

The process of rolling over your KCB Mpesa loans is straightforward.

You can do it on your own so follow the steps below to top-up your KCB loan:

  1. Make sure you have an active Safaricom line with the KCB loan account.
  2. Go to your phone SIM toolkit.
  3. Access the Safaricom Mpesa menu.
  4. Next, choose “Loans and Savings“.
  5. Select “KCB Mpesa Loan” in the next option.
  6. You need first to check your KCB Mpesa loan limit before you roll over.
  7. When you confirm that you are eligible for the KCB Mpesa Loan top-up, go ahead and rollover your loan repayment to 60 days.

That is how easy you can top-up your KCB M-Pesa loan via the SIM Toolkit on your Safaricom line.

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How To Roll Over KCB Mpesa Loan Via mySafaricom App

You can also use the mySafaricom app to top-up your unpaid loan.

Here is how to do the Mpesa loan top-up:

  • Go to the mySafaricom.
  • Click on the M-Pesa tab.
  • On the next page, select the “Loan and Savings” tab.
  • Next, choose “KCB Mpesa“.
  • After that, select “Loan“.

Follow the on-screen instructions to rollover your KCB M-Pesa loan repayment to up to 60 days.

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