How to access Mpesa menu on iPhone

How To Access Mpesa Menu On iPhone, 2022, Steps To Locate Mpesa On iPhone


Are you having challenges on how to access Mpesa Menu on iPhone?

Are you an iPhone user, and you are unable to access Mpesa Menu? You are not alone who is experiencing the problem.

Moreso, since the iPhone update IOS to 12.1, several people are astounded by the disappearance of the Mpesa Menu.

We do understand Mpesa is an essential service most people cannot do without, and when it is missing in their phones, they get desperate.

Don’t panic any more; you have come to the right place because we have this blog post to enlighten you on how to access Mpesa Menu from your iPhone.

Mpesa is a money transfer service offered by Safaricom, and to access the service, you need to have a Safaricom Sim card and activate your Mpesa account.

The Sim card is the one with the application which you then use to access Mpesa Menu.

It’s my hope you are knowledgeable about Sim cards and how they come in different sizes. Since you are aware all about that, it is essential to know how it functions.

The Sim Card has a memory that stores data such as your messages and contacts, but it also stores Sim toolkit codes.

Sim tool kit is a unique application built explicitly for iDevice. The Android users are familiar with this application as it appears along with other Mobile phone applications.

If you have an android phone, then you can access Mpesa Menu from the app indication, a Sim icon. While for iPhone users, that is not the case.

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How To Access iPhone SIM Toolkit

If you have an iPhone, you can’t access the Sim toolkit application directly, like Android Users. If you scroll on your mobile application, you will not find the Sim toolkit app.

To access your Mpesa Menu via SIM Toolkit you need to do the following:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Mobile Data.
  3. After tapping scroll the list.
  4. Select “SIM Applications.”

Now, you have access to the Mpesa Menu via Sim toolkit application.

Note that the availability of the features in your Sim toolkit varies depending on the item loaded first in your Sim.

When you open data, the phone may choose first to load other notifications hence delaying the display of the Sim tool kit menu. Be patient with your phone for the menu to load.

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How To Access Mpesa Menu Through My Safaricom App On iPhone

iPhones run on iOS, and they are categorized as high-end mobile phones. They have distinctive security features and made with high-level technology compared to android phones.

You can use My Safaricom app to access Mpesa Menu without hassle.

My Safaricom App was developed by Safaricom to help their customers easily access their Mpesa Menu as well as get to contact customer care quickly.

The app was both built for Android and iOS mobile users.

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How To Download The My Safaricom App To Access Mpesa Menu On iPhone

To install this application on your iPhone, ensure you have a model between iPhone 5s and iPhone X.

This means if you have jailbroken your iPhone don’t even mind trying to install this app as the app will not function on such phones.

Here are steps to follow and install My Safaricom app;

  1. Ensure your phone is connected to the internet.
  2. Go to your iPhone apps and click the App store.
  3. Log in with your Apple ID, if you never sign for one do sign up to get one.
  4. After you have log in click on the Apps option, or click the search button and enter “My Safaricom“.
  5. When the search is complete and identified the application, then click on it.
  6. A new page will be opened with the app details.
  7. Click Get and start the installation process.
  8. Note the My Safaricom is for free and that no charges will incur.
  9. Use your mobile password, face ID, or touch to authenticate the installation of the app.
  10. The last step is to sign in with iTunes to download the app.
  11. Note it is must you sign in with iTunes; there is no option.
  12. After installation is complete, you will enter your mobile phone number to sign in the app.
  13. After a successful login, the app will display the menu select “Mpesa Services“.

There you are now; you can access your Mpesa Menu on your iPhone.

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