How to deactivate Mpesa account

How To Deactivate Mpesa Account, 2022, Simple Ways To Disable M-Pesa


Today, you will learn how to deactivate your Mpesa account in Kenya.

To open Mpesa is optional; you can have a Safaricom Simcard without Mpesa services. Whereby its only use is to make calls or send messages.

Safaricom allows its users to deactivate there Mpesa account after registration whenever they want. There are no restrictions on its free service offered only at the customer care desk.

You cannot deactivate your Mpesa account via Safaricom Mpesa agent or authorized Safaricom retailer. You have to avail yourself of the customer care desk.

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Ways To Deactivate Your Mpesa Account?

Have you made up your mind your mind you want to deactivate your Mpesa account? Well, it’s easy to do that.

Here are the available options to disable your M-Pesa account;

Visit the nearest Mpesa customer care To Deactivate Your Account

You are required to avail yourself in the nearest customer care desk with either of the following according to the document you used to register the Mpesa account;

  • Kenyan National ID
  • Valid Kenyan Passport
  • Valid Foreign Passport
  • Kenya Military ID
  • Kenyan Foreigner Certificate

Next, request the customer care to disable your Mpesa account. He or she may ask you the reason behind your wish to close the Mpesa account.

To be able to close your Mpesa account, the account balance should be zero, and no debts associated with that Mpesa account.

The customer care will ask you to fill out a form confirming that you want to deactivate your Mpesa account and sign to agree on the closing of your account.

The customer care will proceed to close the account immediately.

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Write a formal letter to Safaricom requesting your account to be disabled at any time

Another option is to write a letter addressing Safaricom detailing that you want to close your Mpesa account.

In the letter, remember to quote the Safaricom Mobile number to the Mpesa account, as well as the details you used to register the account number.

To make it easier, you can attach photocopies of the details used during the Mpesa registration.

Here is the Safaricom address:

Operations, Safaricom, P.O. Box 6682
Westlands, Nairobi – 00800, or delivered to M-PESA
Operations, Safaricom House, Waiyaki Way, Westlands

Safaricom shall act on your request if, and only if, your account balance reads zero. Note once your Mpesa account is deactivated, you cannot retrieve it back again.

You shall be required to register a new account.

The Last Option Is To Stop Using Your Safaricom Simcard

Safaricom suspends a SIM card after six months of inactivity. It means that the Sim card has not received any top-up for six months or chargeable events like calls or messages.

Before its deactivation, Safaricom allows you a period of 3 months where you can reactivate the SIM.

To reactivate, you have to visit the customer care desk, authorized Safaricom retailer, or Mpesa agent, and you will replace the Sim card.

If you do not do that in 3 months, Safaricom will make the SIM/phone number available to allocate to someone else.

However, this option means you will lose both the Mpesa account as well as the Simcard services.

How Do I Block M-Pesa

If you want to block your Mpesa account, then there are several ways you can do that.

You may be wondering why someone may want to block his/her Mpesa account.

Yeah, I thought as much.

Some people block their Safaricom M-Pesa account because their SIM card may have been stolen, lost, or is damaged. Sometimes they even suspect illegal activity on their account.

Those are enough reasons tor one to block the Mpesa account.

If you want to block your Mpesa account, then follow these steps:

Step 1: Dial *234# on your phone.

Step 2: Select option 1 for M-Pesa Products.

Step 3: Select option 4 for M-Pesa Card.

Step 4: Select Block from the options available.

That is it. You have successfully blocked your M-Pesa account.

You can also call M-Pesa customer care on 100, 234, or 200, and they will assist you in blocking your number.

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