How Much Does It Cost You To Withdraw Kshs 100 From Mpesa

How Much Will It Cost To Withdraw Kshs 100 From Mpesa Account In Kenya


A lot of people keep wondering how much it will cost you to withdraw Ksh 100 from Mpesa account.

Some people think Safaricom M-Pesa does not charge anything for withdrawing 100 Kshs at the Mpesa agent outlet.

Do you also think that way?

If yes, then that is most unfortunate.


I believe you want to go to the nearest Mpesa Agent in Kenya to withdraw 100 Kenyan shillings from your M-Pesa account?


By the way, do you know how much it costs for withdrawing 100 Kshs from your Safaricom Mpesa account?

Well, that is the main objective of this short Mpesa guide.

What You Need To Know Before Making Withdrawal

As I said earlier, many people believe there are no fees for withdrawing 100 Kshs cash from their Mpesa account.

Then how on earth will Mpesa generate revenue from all those transfers, and even how will they manage to pay all the M-Pesa Agents in Kenya?

This definitely is an indication that there are fees or charges that you will incur to make Mpesa withdrawals.

I can say for sure that Safaricom M-Pesa charges a little amount of money for all withdrawals.

Be prepared to pay that little Mpesa withdrawal fee before you transfer the 100 Kshs at the agent shop.

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Actual Cost To Withdraw 100 Kshs From Mpesa Account At Agent Outlet

According to the Mpesa tariffs for 2020, the charges for withdrawing 100 Kshs from your Mpesa account at the agent outlet is 10 Kenyan shillings.

In fact, the new Mpesa withdrawal tariffs for money transfers above 100 Kenyan shillings are 27 Kshs.

It is refreshing, at this juncture, to indicate that if you want to withdraw 101 Kshs from your Mpesa account at the Agent outlet, then the withdrawal fee you will pay is 27 Kenyan shillings.

If you are not sure enough about the latest Mpesa withdrawal tariffs, I encourage you to visit the main Safaricom website and take a closer look at the current Mpesa charges for the year 2020.

Yeah, that is how much it will cost you to withdraw Ksh 100 from Mpesa account.

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Steps To Withdraw 100 Kshs From Your Mpesa Account

Now, know how much it costs to withdraw 100 Kshs from Mpesa account. What you must know next is how to withdraw the 100 Kenyan shillings at the Mpesa Agent outlet near you.

By the way, you should have an active Mpesa account with enough money in your Mpesa wallet.

I believe that you have all those in place, and you are ready to get your cash.

In that case, follow the simple guideline below to withdraw the money:

  1. Go to the closest M-Pesa Agent in your area.
  2. Make sure you have adequate funds to withdraw from your Mpesa account.
  3. Give your Mpesa phone number to the Agent.
  4. Produce your valid national identification card.
  5. Next, open the M-Pesa Menu.
  6. Select the “Withdraw Cash” menu.
  7. Enter the Agent Number in the next section.
  8. After that, enter the amount of money you would like to withdraw (100 Kshs).
  9. Next, enter your Mpesa PIN.
  10. Press the OK tab to confirm your details.
  11. The money will then be successfully withdrawn from your Mpesa account to the Agent’s account.

You and the Mpesa agent will receive a confirmation message indicating that you have successfully withdrawn 100 Kshs from your M-Pesa account.

That is the steps to withdraw Ksh 100 from your Mpesa account.

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