List of online jobs that pay through Mpesa in Kenya

Online Jobs That Pay Through Mpesa In Kenya, Highest Paying Online Jobs To Make Money


Online job is not a new term in Kenya. However, do your online jobs that pay through Mpesa? Worry not as we have this guide for you.

It is easy to start online jobs; all you need to have is laptops or computers, the internet, and time to complete the given tasks.

You should not, however, rush to starting working at online jobs.

You are not sure you will get paid.

The internet is full of scammers, and you need to be careful about selecting whom to work with, especially direct clients.

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Receiving payments is today simpler than even all thanks to Mpesa.

Unlike when you had to wait for banks to process the payments for even up to 7 working days.

Mpesa is yet to major internationally, but it has partnered with international money transfer, and today you receive payments directly to your Mpesa account.

There are several online jobs available, but not all pay through Mpesa if you are looking for online jobs that pay through Mpesa.

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Online Jobs In Kenya That Pay Through Mpesa

If you search through the internet, there are opportunities to work online in Kenya.

There are several benefits such that you can choose when to work and the amount you wish to be paid.

However, not all online jobs as they claim are legit.

Here are the best online jobs in Kenya to help you understand the best online jobs that pay through Mpesa.

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1. Article Writing Jobs That Pay Via Mpesa

Article writing is one of the top online jobs that pay through Mpesa. Article writing is different from academic writing.

Article writing entails writing blog posts, website content, writing for newspapers, journals, or magazines.

There are several websites offering opportunities to meet with articles buyers such as Kenya writers, and there are also international sites such as Upwork, fiver, Freelancer, among others.

There is an increasing demand for article writers due to increasing demand for information from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

If you wish to earn from online jobs that pay through Mpesa, then Article writing is ideal if you love writing.

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2. Writing Ebooks

Reading Ebooks online is a new trend and opportunity to write online Ebooks and sell online.

There are also sites buying Ebooks or hire to write Ebooks and can make money.

If you have written your Ebooks can sell them on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

The payments will be sent directly to your Mpesa account.

All you need is to indicate the price and the phone number to send.

So you can see that Ebook writing is one of the online jobs that pay through Mpesa.

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3. Academic Writing

Unlike article writing, academic writing entails writing research papers.

Academic writing time consuming, but the payments are higher than article writing.

You need to agree on writing the area you are familiar with and have extensive knowledge.

There are several sites offering opportunities for starters such as Upwork, People per hour, Uvacorp, among other sites.

Academic writing is a chance to make money online and get paid through Mpesa.

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4. Data Entry Is Another Online Job That Pay Through M-Pesa

In addition, you need to have good typing skills and pay attention to avoid errors.

There are several sites out there on the internet seeking to offer you data entry jobs.

Do your research to determine which one is best for you.

You will also need to have excellent typing skills with minimal errors.

Many online data entry jobs will sometimes require you to enter the information directly to a server.

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5. Online Marketing Jobs Pay Through M-Pesa

Online marketing is yet another online job in Kenya that pays people through Mpesa. The job entails marketing products online or services where you get paid for driving traffic or commission after making sales.

The job is easy if you have a huge number of followers on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

It is easy to start online marketing. All you need is a computer or sometimes smartphone and products of an affiliate account to start marketing for them.

You can check sites such as Jumia Kenya for affiliate marketing or other sites offering affiliate marketing opportunities to get started.

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6. How Do You Get The Payment To Your M-Pesa?

If you have searched for online jobs will realize that most opportunities are based on other countries. Worry not because you will still get paid through Mpesa.

Safaricom has partnered through the most popular international online payment company PayPal, and you can get your payments through PayPal to the Mpesa service.

You can also use the Skrill to Mpesa services or Remitly Mobile money transfer service.

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