These are the countries that use Mpesa mobile money service

These Are The Countries That Use M-Pesa Mobile Money 2022


I am here today to show you which countries use Mpesa mobile money transfer services.

The success of Mpesa is well demonstrated by the number of countries which have appreciated and adopted this modern way of sending and receiving money, paying bills as well as managing your finances.

Since the Mpesa launch in Kenya 2007, it has rapidly grown and appreciated all over the globe as the best mobile banking service.
If you are using Mpesa services, you are in the right best mobile banking service.

Wish to know which countries adopted the Mpesa service? Keep reading to find out!

More so, I will tell you which countries Vodafone withdrew the Mpesa services.

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African Countries That Use Mpesa Services

Do you know which countries use Mpesa in Africa and how many of them are still in operation?

There are a few ones.

According to the Vodafone official website, it’s only seven (7) countries using the Mpesa service.

These are the countries that use Mpesa;

  1. Kenya
  2. The Democratic Republic of Congo
  3. Egypt
  4. Ghana
  5. Lesotho
  6. Mozambique
  7. Tanzania.

However, the recent move by currently Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph could see more African countries using Mpesa.

Following the agreement between MTN Group and Vodafone Group to allow their subscribers to carry out money transactions will see more countries using Mpesa service.

To be precise, the agreement will make it possible for people in Uganda, Rwanda, and Zambia accessing to Mpesa services.

In South Africa, Mpesa entered in 2010 to offer its Mpesa services through a partnership with Nedbank.

But despite hard trials to register new customers, Vodafone effort did not manage. It led to Vodafone withdraw its Mpesa services in South Africa 2016.

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European Countries Where Mpesa Services Are No More Available.

Now let us take a look at some countries where Mpesa is no longer working or it fails to operate.

The trials of Vodafone to launch Mpesa services in some countries turned futile, but in other countries, it is still thriving.

The expansion of the service in Albania May 2015 was shortly shut down in July 2017.

In India however, Mpesa was launched on 18 April 2013 but was shut down this year from 15 July 2019 as a result of regulatory issues as well as struggle to thrive.

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Other Nations Where Mpesa Services Are Still Available

In March 2014, the Mpesa launched its mobile money service in Romania, and there is the probability of the service expanding to other countries in Eastern Europe.

In Afghanistan, the Mpesa service is a success story since the partnership between Vodafone and Roshan.

Mpesa service in Afghanistan helped reduce the loss of money paid to ghost police officers.

More so countered the corruption attributed to the existing model of paying police officers in Afghanistan.

What led to the spread of the Mpesa service in other countries?

Mpesa growth in other countries can be attributed to various factors.

One of them is the ease of registering for the Mpesa account.

Furthermore, it is free and requires only an official ID. Mpesa is easy to use and affordable. These factors have led to more even the literacy people in village love about Mpesa.

The second factor is the Safaricom position to allow significant investments in agents and the mobile network.

As a result of pushing back from its rivals, Safaricom was ordered by the Competition Authority of Kenya in 2016 to open its network of M-Pesa agents to other telecom companies that offer mobile money services.

Safaricom allowed other countries mobile operators through partnership to offer Mpesa services.

To be precise, a year ago, Safaricom providers reached an agreement that allows users to exchange money irrespective of whether both parties have the same network.

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