How to pay GOtv via Mpesa in Kenya

How To Pay GOtv Via Mpesa In Kenya, 2022, Recharge Your Subscription With GOtv Paybill Number


Are you looking for how to pay for GOtv via Mpesa? Well, this article will shed light on how to pay GOtv using Mpesa and the Kenya Paybill number to enjoy your favorite channels.

More so will tell you about GOtv and the available packages you can choose.

Mpesa is a recognized mode of making payments today. Every organization is adopting the method as most Kenya prefers the way as convenient and easy to use.

Despite other methods of paying GOtv Mpesa option stands out as the fastest among them.

You have the freedom to make the payment at any time of the day while sitting at your home.

So what are you waiting for, you can just pay GOtv using Mpesa account right now.

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How To Pay GoTV Through Mpesa In Kenya

Pay for GOtv packages in Kenya

List of Packages And Prices

You only need to have sufficient money in your Mpesa account, GOtv Paybill as well as the GOtv IUC account number to pay GOtv.

Here are the steps to be taken to pay GOtv via M-Pesa:

  1. Open M-Pesa Menu.
  2. Select the “Pay Bill” option.
  3. Enter GOtv Paybill number, 423655.
  4. Enter your IUC number.
  5. The IUC number is written on the red sticker number from the bottom of the decoder.
  6. Check out various packages available.
  7. Select the GOtv Package you want to pay for.
  8. The pick the correct package you want to pay for.
  9. Enter the amount of that package.
  10. Enter the M-Pesa PIN.
  11. Counter-check to make sure you entered the correct details.
  12. Continue to make the payment.
  13. Wait for the message of validation.

That is how you can pay for your GOtv subscription in Kenya through your M-Pesa account.

What Is GOtv Paybill Number In Kenya

For Mpesa transactions in Kenya, the GOtv Paybill Number is 423655. You can use the GOtv Kenya Paybill number for all your Safaricom M-Pesa payments.

Currently, you need to use the Paybill Number 423655 to renew your GOtv subscriptions.

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What You Need To Know When Paying For GOtv Via Mpesa In Kenya

GOtv Kenya is among the major provider of digital services and one of the leading players in Kenya’s pay-TV services providers.

GOtv Kenya is also known as African television’s home because; African television’s home cut its monthly subscription fees in August 2016 due to Value and Lite bouquets.

GOtv took the initiative after that and committed to providing consumers with digital family entertainment at affordable prices.

There is also a range of other pay-TV providers on the market to compete with GOtv.

There is also stiff competition with other clubs.

GOtv introduced a loyalty program to compete with them, explaining why GOtv was launched and its roots and addressing their programs and deals.

Nevertheless, there was some condition.

The condition was that the subscribers have to remain connected to GOtv consistently for three months, and Safaricom airtime value was Ksh.50 for GOtv or Ksh.100 for GOtv plus.

GOtv charges fees at a reasonable price, apart from the rewards.

That notwithstanding, you can pay GOtv via Mpesa in Kenya using the official Paybill number 423655.

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How Many Packages Does GOtv Kenya Offer

Here is the list of all packages and bouquet for subscription

List Of All Packages To Subscribe

GOtv offers both free channels and paid channels.

To get connected to GoTV and subscribe to one of the GOtv packages, first need to find a GOtv dealer or visit the GOtv Kenya official website and buy the GOtv decoder.

Check out the Four (4) GOtv Kenya packages:

1. GOtv Max package with 53 local as well as SuperSport Select and international entertainment channels

2. GOtv Plus package with 42 channels

3. GOtv Value package with 26 local and international top-quality channels.

4. GOtv Lite package with 16 channels.

Those are the TV packages you can find on GOtv.

You can use the GOtv Paybill number 423655 to subscribe to any of the packages above.

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How Much Does GOtv Packages Cost In Kenya

Subscribe for GOtv Plus Package in Kenya

GOtv Plus

GOtv package charges depend on the number of channels.

Here are the packages and prices of each GOtv Kenya:

  • GOtv Max 53 channels at 999.00 KES.
  • GOtv plus 42 channels at 749.00 KES.
  • GOtv Value 26 channels at 499.00 KES.
  • GOtv Lite 16 channels at 220.00 KES.

That is how to pay GOtv via Mpesa in Kenya using the Paybill Number or other methods. Start recharging your Multichoice pay-TV subscription.

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