How to change Mpesa PIN

How To Change Mpesa PIN, Reset Your M-Pesa Service PIN


Your Mpesa Pin is usually the four digits you should not share with anyone as advised. If you have shared with someone and feel it is not safe to have done so, then here is how to change your Mpesa Pin without the hassle and get your account secured.

Understandably, we are Africans, and of course, Kenyans are ‘communal’ such that we share our secrets with people we trust.

And that includes even our Mpesa Pin. However, this trust may come to an end and need to change your Mpesa Pin.

Don’t worry about what to do. In this guide, we have all you need to know how to change the Mpesa pin.

There are instances where you may want to get your original Safaricom PIN.

Mpesa is like your bank account, and you need to keep it secure all the time. Failure to that, you will lose all the money in the account.

Although Safaricom grantees safety while transacting with Mpesa, you also need to secure your account.

The only secure way is not to share your Mpesa pin, and if you have, you need to change for security purposes.

If you fall victim to compromising your Mpesa Pin by sharing the Mpesa Pin, you need to change, and the sooner, the better.

If it happens you are searching how to change Mpesa Pin, then you are in the right place and here what you need to do.

Ensure you have the Safaricom Sim card with you in an operating Mobile phone then do the following;

Steps On How To Change Mpesa PIN

Here are the steps on how to change your Safaricom Mpesa PIN:

  1. Go to your mobile phone application.
  2. Select the Toolkit application.
  3. Click the Mpesa option to start changing your PIN.
  4. Click my account option which is the last option.
  5. Select “Change Pin”.
  6. Next, enter the Old Mpesa PIN, usually to confirm you are the Mpesa account owner.
  7. After that, you’ll be required to enter New Desired Mpesa PIN.
  8. It is better to enter four digits and key combination you can easily remember.
  9. Confirm the new four digits you have entered.
  10. Click, ok.
  11. You will be prompted to wait, and after a few minutes, you will receive a message confirming you have changed the Mpesa Pin.

When all that is done, your Safaricom Mpesa PIn will be successfully changed or reset.

That’s all you are done!

Note there are no charges incurred while changing your Mpesa Pin.

Safaricom has made it a free service to ensure you change the Pin whenever you feel the account has been compromised.

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What Happens When You Forget Your Mpesa PIN

When you forget your M-Pesa PIN, it means you cannot make transactions with your Safaricom Mpesa account.

Although you are the original owner of the account, because you have forgotten your Mpesa PIN, you cannot access your account.

Also, you will receive funds into your account but you cannot withdraw money.

Because you need to authenticate every transaction, you cannot withdraw money from your account in you forget your Mpesa PIN.

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When Should You Reset Your Mpesa Service Password?

There is this popular saying, “Pin Yako Siri Yako” well, it is a factual saying, and whenever the Pin is not your secret, then the security of that Mpesa account is compromised.

It doesn’t matter who you share the Mpesa Pin with; the account is not secure anymore.

Hence if you decided to share the Pin, you have to change it if you think it is not secure for one reason or the other.

After sharing the Pin with a person, you trust and feel longer trusting them. It is the right moment to change the Mpesa Pin.

If you share a Mpesa Pin and account with someone and start carrying on transactions without your permission, change the M-Pesa Pin immediately.

You can’t predict what is going to do with it next time.

The only way to make sure your Mpesa account is safe is never to share the Pin or secret Pin. If it happens already shared with anyone, then change it for security reasons.

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