How to buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa Account

How To Buy Your Airtel Airtime or Credit From Mpesa Account 2022


Are you aware you can buy Airtel airtime from your Mpesa account within minutes? Learn how to do this in this short guide.

A lot of Kenyans like having two Sim Card. Hence why you find most sold mobile phones are those with dual Sim Card features.

They designate specific tasks to each Sim Card.

One of the alternative Sim Card Kenyans love is Airtel. It is the second-largest mobile network operator in the world, with over 411.42 million subscribers.

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Why Should You Purchase Airtel Airtime Using Your Mpesa Account?

It is no doubt even In Kenya, Airtel stands as the second-best mobile network operator after Safaricom.

The problem with Airtel in Kenya has always been the shortage of airtime. This is because most shops in Kenya don’t stock Airtel scratch cards, hence giving Airtel customers the problem of buying Airtel airtime.

Airtel is recognized as cheaper in terms of voice and data. However, the drawback is that it has poor services in some areas.

But if you live in urban areas, the network is fast enough.

Enough of that. Let’s get to business.

Do you know you can buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa? Don’t worry because this article will enlighten you all the details you need in the process of buying Airtel airtime from Mpesa.

Safaricom gave Airtel Paybill a number to make it simple for Airtel subscribers to buy airtime from Mpesa.

Safaricom has now come in to assist you Airtel subscriber buy airtime from your Mpesa account. Airtel has issued a shortcode called Paybill to use and buy airtime from Mpesa directly to your Airtel Simcard.

Surprisingly, many Kenyans are not aware of how to buy Mpesa airtime from Airtel. By only a few minutes of your time, you can easily purchase Airtel airtime via MPESA.

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Steps To Buy Airtel Airtime From Your Mpesa Account

It is not very convenient to get Airtel airtime from local shops, particularly if you need air time late at night. Mpesa Airtel credit can be easily purchased at any time of the day.

Here’s how to buy Mpesa Airtel airtime from Mpesa account:

  1. Go to your mobile phone Sim tool kit.
  2. Select the Mpesa option.
  3. From the options pick Lipa na M-Pesa.
  4. Select Paybill.
  5. Enter business number 220220.
  6. You will then be prompted to enter the account number, enter your Airtel Mobile phone number, and then click ok.
  7. Fill the amount of airtime you want to purchase and then press OK.
  8. Enter your Mpesa PIN.
  9. Confirm if the details you entered are correct and press on the OK button.

After doing this, you shall receive a confirmation message telling your Airtel Simcard has been loaded with airtime.

Airtel money cash loads have been made possible thanks to Pesapal’s Pay Bill, which is accessible via “Lipa na Mpesa”.

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Recharge Your Credit Using The Traditional Method: Scratch Card

Apart from loading your Sim card with Airtel airtime from Mpesa, you can also get your airtime by using a scratch card.

Have you forgotten how to load the Airtel Scratch card?

Here is how to recharge your credit using the scratch card:

  • Buy recharge scratch card from a shop.
  • Scratch the card gently to reveal a 16 digit number.
  • Enter shortcode *130* then followed by the 16 digit number.
  • Press call or send on your phone.
  • A confirmation text will be sent to tell you that your airtime has been loaded.

And you can now make calls or do whatever you want with your Airtel airtime.

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