How Do I Check My Mpesa Balance In Kenya

How Do I Check My Mpesa Balance In Kenya


Have you been struggling or wondering how to check your Mpesa balance? If yes, don’t worry, since you have indeed come to the right place.

Furthermore, you will be surprised only to find out how easy it is.

This article is the best solution for you.

Do you believe that you can check your M-PESA balance for free at no cost?

Yes, it is free paying, not even a cent.

After checking your M-PESA account balance, you will receive a message of your M-PESA balance within no minute.

Keenly, all M-PESA messages show balance at the edge of any SMS each time a transaction is made.

There are a few steps of which you must follow to receive your M-PESA balance message.

Are you willing to know how easy it is to check your M-PESA balance?

No worries anymore, this article has provided the correct procedure on how you can check.

How Do I Check My Mpesa Balance In Kenya

You should follow the steps below to check your M-PESA balance:

  • Go to your phone application menu and click on the sim tool kit (STK).
  • Choose Safaricom if you have two lines or more on your phone.
  • Choose M-PESA instead of Safaricom+.
  • At this moment, you will be at the M-PESA menu, select " My Account" which
    is at the bottom of the menu.
  • Go to “Check Balance”; which is the second option.
  • Here, you will be required to enter your secret M-PESA pin. You need to secretly enter your M-PESA pin to avoid account violations.
  • Lastly, wait for an SMS confirmation message showing your balance which you will receive in a second.

The above step is simple to follow, and you can always apply them to check your Mpesa balance.


In case you had a problem or curiosity about how to check M-PESA balance, I hope by now, you have been sorted and informed.

If so, thanks for having come to the right place full of your answers to your questions.

Briefly about what we have discussed above; go to your sim tool kit, click on Safaricom, choose M-PESA, select My Account, go to check balance, input the secret M-PESA pin, send the message and wait for the reply.

Stop struggling to find other ways of checking your M- PESA.

You can easily apply the steps illustrated above to get your M-PESA as soon as possible.

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