How Safaricom 4G Router Works

How Safaricom 4G Router Works, Find Out The Details


Do you want to know how Safaricom 4G router works in Kenya? Keep reading this guide.

In this modern society, many things are different from how they used to do it in the traditional society; methods of communication included. 

In this era, a good number of people use phones and other electronics to communicate. 

Apart from communication through social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, WhatsApp and many more, some people have online jobs or do their work through social media such as influencing. 

To perform any of these tasks, one needs a constant supply of the internet. 

Many people have therefore resorted to either the wired or the wireless internet connection. 

Safaricom happens to have both wired and wireless internet. And in this article, we will focus on how the Safaricom 4G router works.

Thus, we are going to discuss specifically Safaricom’s wireless 4G Routers. 

Let us now look at the requirements needed to get a Safaricom 4G Router.

Requirements For Safaricom 4G Router

Before you know how the Safaricom 4G router works in Kenya, here are some of the basic requirements you need to know:

  1. The most significant thing is to ensure you have an available power supply. This is because the Safaricom 4G router uses electricity to function.
  2. You also have to make sure you live in an area that has a good Safaricom network to avoid getting bad speeds.
  3. Lastly, after ensuring you have electricity and a good Safaricom Network, now buy a Safaricom 4G Router and its Simcard. 
  4. They are primarily sold in any local Safaricom shop; it roughly costs KES.11 000.

After all these requirements, follow the steps below to set up your Safaricom 4G Router.

How Safaricom 4G Router Works

Now that you know the basic requirements for the Safaricom 4G wireless router, let us show you how it works.

Here is how the 4G router works.

When you buy the Safaricom 4G router, it enables you to connect to the internet via the 4G connection.

If you are within the range of Safaricom 4G network, the router will be able to connect your phone, laptop or any device you have connected to the internet.

Because the 4G internet connection is stronger than the lower bands like the 3G, EDGE, GPRS and other, the Safaricom 4G router delivers a higher speed to your connected device (phone, laptop, desktop computer etc).

And because of that, you can browse the web or download files on the internet at a relatively higher speed.

That is how the Safaricom 4G router works.

Now that you know how it works, let me show you how to install the 4G Wi-Fi router in Kenya.

How To Set Up A Safaricom Wi-Fi Router

This only requires you to follow a few steps to set up your Safaricom 4G WI-Fi Router:

Please if you want to set up your Safaricom 4G Wi-Fi router, follow the steps below:

  1. First, install the antennas by putting them upwards; this is very important.
  2. Then, insert a micro SIM card obtained from Safaricom shop; don’t stop until you hear a click.
  3. Lastly, connect the router to a power source then turn it on.
  4. You can now connect your computer or phone to your router’s WI-Fi network.

And, Voila! You can now enjoy your internet connection.

That is exactly how to set up your 4G Wi-Fi router.

How Fast Is Safaricom 4G Router In Kenya?

The speed of the Safaricom 4G Router is measured in megabytes per second (Mbps). 

So, A 4G package with three Mbps goes for KES 3699 with a volume full speed of 200GB (gigabytes).

Another Safaricom 4G package with a full volume speed of 400GB and 5mbps goes for 5299 Kenyan shillings.


In wrapping up, we have shown you how the Safaricom 4G router works in Kenya and we have even gone ahead to show you how to setup your device.

If you are stressed with finding the best internet connection of your choice, I can guarantee Safaricom 4G router to pretty much meet your internet needs. 

If your job is an online one and needs you to have a constant internet connection, this will be perfect for you as it is more affordable and fast. 

It is readily available in your nearest Safaricom shops countrywide. 

You will find many Safaricom 4G routers offers there too; you will get amazing deals and fast and reliable internet.

That is all you need to know about how the Safaricom 4G router works in Kenya.

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